Coca-Cola Junior Tour 2020 General Rules

  1. Tournaments:

    • Tournaments will be conducted under the USGA Rules of Golf and appropriate Local Rules where applicable.
    • All entries must be mailed in. No entries will be accepted over the phone or in person.
    • Yardage Measuring Devices will be allowed.
    • Entries must be received by the Friday at 12:00 P.M. before each tournament. Any late entries will not be accepted. A player who sends in a late entry will not be guaranteed a spot in that week's tournament.
    • Any player who does not show for a tournament without a valid excuse such as injury, sickness, family emergency, ect. will forfeit their entry fee and may be subject to suspension.
    • All ties during tournaments will be broken by using the USGA rules.
    • Each 18 hole competition consist of two 9 hole rounds completed on the tournament day.
    • Players will be allowed a 15 minute stoppage of play due to medical emergency.


Player’s age as of June 1, 2020, will determine age group.

Players will be divided as follows:

Age Group Tees # of Holes
Male 10-11 Ladies

9 Holes

Male 12-13 Senior's

18 Holes

Male 14-15 Men's Forward

18 Holes

Male 16-18 Men's Back

18 Holes

Female 10-12 Ladies

9 Holes

Female 13-18 Ladies

18 Holes

Powerades 6-9 Created 9 Holes
(Must Have Caddie)
  1. Conduct:

    • All players must walk, no caddies allowed. The player must carry his/her own bag (pull carts are allowed). No motorized transportation may be used by any player at any point during the course of play.
    • Club throwing and abusive language of any kind will not be tolerated.
    • There will be absolutely NO use of any alcoholic or tobacco-like products by any player.
    • Parents and spectators will remain on the cart path at all times and are not permitted to "coach" or "advise" players at any time during the round.
    • Players must use equipment that conforms to the specifications set forth by the USGA.
    • A player may not withdraw from a competitive round without permission by a Tournament Official or good cause such as injury, illness, or family crisis. Any player withdrawing from a competitive round without just cause is subject to suspension of one tournament.
    • Proper attire is required in and around the clubhouse, the practice facilities, and the golf course. The following are prohibited: short shorts, t-shirts, and jeans. Collared shirts must be worn and remain tucked-in at all times. Hats that are worn must be worn turned to the front.
    • Failure to abide by these rules and any other set forth by the course and/or Coca-Cola Junior Tour may lead in disqualification and possible expulsion from the junior tour.

  2. Points:

    Points will be awarded during the course of the season. They breakdown as follows:

    • 1st – 150
    • 2nd – 90
    • 3rd – 80
    • 4th – 70
    • 5th – 60
    • 6th – 50
    • 7th – 40
    • 8th – 30
    • 9th – 20
    • 10th - 10